Looking at Things

So, I am back. What kept me away? Good question. I was like, super busy, but it was worth it. I got into a wonderful relationship, kinda tough managing it alongside work, but hey, no effort no gain. I could say work is alright, constantly having all sorts of trouble, but my job is to fix'em all.

I started wearing a watch again. The same one that broke my elbow, when I jumped out of the train. Yes, it was the watch's fault, I did a perfect somersault, but the damn thing slid my wrist the other direction, thus making my elbow crack. Old fun story, good to tell at campfires and such.

I got back playing DotA again, and yet, it seem to stop now, because all of my mates started playing Heroes of Newerth, which is a total copy of DotA. Except all that flashy graphics and stuff. I heard its only 30 bucks, so I guess it isn't that bad. I hope my machine will be able to run it.

That reminds me, I couldn't finish STALKER, because at one point, the game crashes due to my weak pc configuration. Curses.

Anyways, I will be back from now on.


Requiem for a Dream

I was listening to this while thinking what should I write about on this fine day. I strongly oppose to rant about classical music, because of the lack in my knowledge in it. I do like listening to Rachmaninov and Mozart, but then people who are actually knows music history starts asking about their life and such. Or what is far worse, they start to analyze it like "What was he thinking when he composed this?". Who cares? Sorry for my rage against all kinds of history or the similar studies, but the past is something you shouldn't take seriously in case you weren't there. Believe me when I opened a 20 year old history book and compared to mine in elementary school, I was shocked. Seems like history changes over time, especially in education, at least thats what I found out. So, what I mean is there is no reliable source of information about the past( except google, of course). History, religion music of the past are made to harvest profit from the people. With this I mean no offense, it's fair business, sell what you can and make a good living.

Well, I kinda went off there, history pulls my triggers hard. Back to music then. I don't really categorize music by genre, since I see there are thousands of genres and me being a perfectionist, I'd hate to make a mistake by categorizing a song wrongly. So I just say, this one is good, this one is all-time favourite and this one sucks. I listen to a song at least once, to determine it is worth my praise or not.

Still on topic, I think I mentioned I own an electric guitar. A cheap but awesome one, I heard bad reviews about this Cruiser by Crafter guitar. I wonder why, is it because it's not a Fender or Les Paul? It sounds awesome, it's kinda heavy(heavier than most guitars I tried) and I have yet to find a flaw in it. It's black with a white protector. I actually have the whole set on picture here. It's as you can see a Stratocaster clone, so it must receive lots of love. I plan to purchase an effect box(I think it's a Zoom-something), but thats for later.

As for gaming these days, I'm getting back to DotA. I play pretty bad, I haven't played it for 4 months, but I'm getting better again. It's nice to meet the old dudes who you played with for years and not to mention getting new ones, who will be with you for ages too. DotA is such a nice community game with lots of competition and rivalry. The new versions are still a but buggy, but hell, it's free, it's made by people you play with and they actually listen to your ideas and suggestions to make the game more balanced and bug free. Oh yes, the Hungarian version sucks by the way. Hehe..

For last but not least, here is this creepy video. It's not really creepy, it might be just me who feels a bit.. umm... disturbed by the awesomeness of this video. The cat is a real pro horror actor, so be careful if you have weak heart. How the heck that guy trained the cat to do this???


?uoy era woH

I'm sad today. Well, since the afternoon. My boss yelled at me and I totally deserved it. I'm supposed to file a report at the second I receive a request by a customer, which is plain impossible, because I try to prevent problems all the time, so when a request comes in it's always something high priority where I don't have the time to sit down and start writing that crappy report. I hate this.. I hate writing that thing so much, but it's important, because if I don't do it I don't have proof that I'm working. I have this bad habit, that I just make a note to myself what did I do this month and when the payday gets near I sit to it and write all the reports in one day. It wouldn't be much of a problem, but today my boss needed my reports for something and when he found my file empty he got real mad. I mean, he knows that I have tendency leave the reporting when I have better things to do, but today it backfired. I feel crap now. I'm filled with negative thoughts again. Like, I'm working for nothing, I'm solving peoples problems all day, even out of work and because of that my brain is like totally exhausted. I haven't taken a break for almost a year now.

Anyways, I felt like letting all this out, I'm already feeling better. I'll persevere. As long as I'm able to sit down in my comfortable chair in front of my crappy computer and enjoy a bag of Lay's chips while watching anime or chatting with friends over MSN, I won't falter. I'm stuffing my face with this Chilli & Lime flavoured chips even now. I didn't mean to write something depressing, I think exhaustion takes its tolls every now and then. I'll shape up and will do lots of works to make up with my boss. I'll probably lack sleeping for a week thanks to this blunder. Well, lesson well learnt. (Wow, firefox's spell checker underlines the word "learnt" it doesn't know what it is, haha. Stupid fox)

Well, lets look at the happy side. My child grew up in Rune Factory 2 and I'm now controlling my daughter because Dad(me) disappeared to finish some important quest. He said something about my daughter involved in it. So she decided to look up all the dungeons and find Daddy. I couldn't play Stalker for a time now. I watched a video and I saw the last few maps from the game, there was so many effects in it I worry my computer will crash under them and I won't be able to finish the game. Duh...

Also, don't try this at home.


Love Yue

Yes, today I can show you the marriage I promised. It's in pretty bad quality, it is really hard to keep the DS still while recording it. Anyways it took a while, but I succeeded. Isn't Yue so cute? I wonder though if I can still buy things from her after the wedding. I'll see it tonight when I continue.

Here it is.

I could play some STALKER too. They sent me against some newbies in the arena. They were so easy to drop.. I climbed onto the boxes and jumped onto their necks from above with my knife. Rambo style. After collecting the arena money I continued towards the core of the zone. I was happily walking amongst the ruins when a few snipers started firing at me. Of course, my AK was totally busted by that time. I think the rain ruined it, it always got jammed after shooting a few bullets. I wasted a few ammo to shut them up, so I could craw out from my cover and look at their drops when I heard their radio saying that they're want to send a chopper against me. I was like why not.. In the ruins I have the advantage, since everything excluding my enemies are invulnerable. I confirmed it by shooting a few shells on a lamp, trying to blind my enemies, but the thing just deflected my bullets.
So I looted the snipers and ran out of the building from cover to cover, but the chopper never came.. Eh.. I continued my way to a strange train station, it was full of that electric anomaly, I can resist fire pretty good, but I didn't feel like walking through those.. When I was about to turn back to find another route I heard a distress call from a scientist not far away. He was cornered by mercs and asked me to stop them getting some seriously secret information. I guess it wasn't that big of a secret if the stupid mercs found about it. Anyway, I shot them into a pile, they weren't worth stabbing, because they always run away and while I chased one, the other five kept filling me with lead. When I finished I decided I loot them first before I talk to that scientist. I was packing away some ammo when I heard a gunshot and my PDA told me that I failed the mission. The damn merc respawned near the scientist... Oh how I love this game. Well, it was enough to loot the flash drive from the guy and bring to the barkeep. He didn't pay a thing for it, oh well.. Things happens in the zone. Oh, by the way there was a guy with a funny name. I shot him in the leg so I could stab him when I got to the roof, thats when I saw his name. Here the screenshot.

As for this weekend, it was hoooot.. I wanted to sleep a lot and get revitalized for the next week work, because it will be hell. I just couldn't stay in bed in this heat. Not to mention people coming over to watch anime and movies. My little sister came back from her friend's place. I haven't seen her for like a month, but she already attacked my chips and popcorn supplies. Ah.

Fantasy Grounds... O M G.. Friday was hilarious. We played 6 hours and we're still in the same city as before. Same day, about a hour later since we last played. Our brave adventurers decided to have some drink while waiting for Melissa who got lost in the city again. They were about to drink themselves to the ground when a few hooligans raided the place. Trying to enslave the cute waitress girl and probably to rob the place. Our brave heroes finished them in a very interesting way. The wizard joined their leader saying "Let's have fun with the girl in the backroom. You don't mind do you?", the positive decision was helped by a Charm Person spell, so the hooligan leader befriended the wizard very quickly, friendly enough to think about sharing the joys that girl could provide, but for his disappointment he got a Color Spray in the face and got tied up with rope. The other two were disarmed by the warrior, accidentally he swung too hard on one and he cut off a thumb, but hey, thats normal. The two drunk hero agreed on interrogating the hooligan leader, but since they couldn't understand much, the wizard decided to headbutt the guy. He successfully broke his nose and even put himself unconscious upon impact. The warrior and the bandit laughed at him and when they were finished the warrior crashed the hooligans head into the table and then they went to rest for the day. Can you believe it we roleplayed all this in six hours? We're hardcore.

Here I am, infected by the blogosphere. I read blogs and write posts in my own. I hope I won't get too addicted.


City of No Smiles

Have you ever noticed? If you walk around in the city when something nice happened to you earlier, you're smiling, minding your own business and thinking about that nice stuff. You stop at the bus station and look around. The people around you staring you like you're some weirdo or some drug addict or whatever. What forbid people to smile on the streets? Whenever I use public transportation, everybody looks like they just ate the sourest lemon of the world. There are exceptions though, when somebody is with a friend or family member, they chat happily, but if you wait a little until they run out of funny stories, they turn to the closest window with a frown again. I'm not really sure where to put this.

For the last few days I was really busy, I could only check the internet from work. At least our performance is progressing, my muscles are developing, which is amusing I'm starting to look human-like again from afar. The girls are still complaining about my facial hair proliferation. I promised I'll shave it off for the performance, but then they took the idea that they want to cut from my hair too. I'm concerned about my worth as a human in their eyes, they probably think I'm some sort of hairy doll.

It's tough to be a system administrator. People say we spend half of our work hours on the internet, playing and all. In my opinion, thats better than seeing me actually working, because if I work it means something doesn't work properly and I'm about to fix it. So, they pressure us poor little admins. The bosses, the employers, the clients are on our tail saying "We'd like to see some work." and the only thing I can do is to show them that I already set up the computer to do the work for the rest of the day, I mean.. Thats what scheduling is for.. If I start the maintenance while the traders are working, they start complaining about the slow computers.. Plus, the dear customers have this ability to generate supercomplex problems. Like this one I'm working now, I had install a security card for one computer to be able to access a safe site, and it works on every computer I tried, except on the one it was supposed to be used...

I guess there will be no youtube for this post since I haven't had the time nor the mood to amuse myself with silliness found only there.

As for the games, I still couldn't take a picture of my wife in Rune Factory 2, so I'm stuck there until I can, no progress.. I hope I can play some Stalker later today, or maybe tomorrow, maybe we can play some DnD tonight as well. I'm looking around to find that old game I wanted to play again. It's called Europe 1400 The Guild. I kinda liked owning a pub. I haven't found a good bag yet and the old one is really about to explode into tiny little scraps of whatever material it was made from.

I started to think about staring another page for this blog, that would only include this novel I've been dreaming with lately. Probably because I haven't wrote or roleplayed a thing for a while. I feel the urge to write.



I don't really have anything positive abou the last few days. I feel slightly agitated, so I'll just write about them.

First, my dad had an accident with his bike this afternoon. Some jerk didn't notice him and turned before him, and dad didn't have time to completely stop. He is alright, thankfully he is always prepared and well equipped, not to mention well armored. He had that biker-guise that I call only call exoskeleton. The bike is dead though. Dad always drives safely, fearing his driver's license and all, so when my aunt said they're going to fetch my dad, because he had an accident I knew he was alright, but they didn't let me go with them, fearing I might butcher that car's driver. I heard it was a woman. I'm pretty sexist, but I know a lot of good female drivers, so I wouldn't say it was because of her sex. Well, it pisses me off.

I couldn't play much this week. I tested the mission system in Dead Frontier, looks good, but its still boring to walk about in the city, looting dead bodies or... from the parts of dead bodies. Also, I could try this game called Tales Runner, seems fun, using Joy2Key I could play it with my joypad, which is way better than playing it on the keyboard because they messed up the controlling, no wait.. Not only the controlling the whole game with that annoying bug. If you don't have your keyboard set to American English, you can't control the game, or more precisely, you wouldn't be able to control the game if you even could log into it. It simply didn't react to my hungarian keyboard.

I couldn't really work out, since my right wrist suddenly started to ache real bad. I don't even know why. Speaking of my right wrist, the Sakuracon wrist band came off today, mine lasted the longest of our group, but it still didn't make it until the summer Animecon, which is like 3 weeks away from today.

I added a comment section to the blog, though It seems premature doing it, only having like seven regular visitors. I'll be removing the labels section as well, it proved useless and probably will be in the far future.

Youtube of the post I will showing you Youtube's most known guitarist Mr. funtwo. I'll be training hard to be able to play Canon too, just to show him my respect for his talent.


New wave

  • I think this new design isn't that bad. I'm gonna edit the top picture to something else later. The twitter widget doesn't seem to function properly for me, but oh well, it's just a twitter.
  • We played Fantasy Grounds again. Melissa got out of the dungeon unharmed and Yscar got his hands on some new and shiny ruby powder. He wants to look like some powerful wizard and he needed the ruby powder to imbue his wizard staff with continual flame. Sounds cool to me. Odassyan is still using Melissa's spear as a leg support, he didn't take a hint that he shouldn't walk around injured or it will get worse. I'll have to do something about that.
  • I proposed to Yue yesterday. I'm gonna take photos of her wedding dress soon. We'll be living together happily from now on.
  • We had a practice yesterday for the cosplay performance. I'm kinda, uhh, well, play a supporting role. Not that I mind, but I'll need more instructions how to at when the others are in the spotlight, since I'm the tallest in the group, I'll be the most visible on the stage.
  • My 12year old schoolbag is going to tear itself apart soon. I'll have to buy a new one, I will be needing suggestions, since I don't really want an ordinary backpack, more like some sort of messenger bag, but a durable one, that I can fill with tons of my tools and CDs, computer parts adn stuff. Since bags counts as clothing in my book, I don't really know much about them, healp!
  • The Youtube video for the day will be this one. Yntaream showed it to us. It doesn't make much sense in the first half, so I suggest watching it from the start until the end to make sense. It's worth it.